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Students and alumni are able to make connections through the Pitt Business Mentoring Program

Pitt Business Mentoring Program

The Pitt Business Alumni-Student Mentoring Program takes advantage of our strong, global alumni network. It gives alumni the opportunity to give back to the school and interact with talented, young professionals. And it helps students connect with experienced leaders who can offer invaluable guidance and coaching support. The mentoring program is a critical part of how Pitt Business takes students from the classroom, to the city, to the world.

We are currently transitioning to a new software application for the mentoring platform. Registrations will re-open when the new software launches later this year. Thank you for your interest; if you have questions, please contact us below. 

Alumni-Student Connections

The Pitt Business Alumni-Student Mentoring Program lets students connect with alumni from a diverse range of industries and specializations. It is powered by a searchable online database that lets students search for alumni types by industry, functional area, geographic location, and other parameters. 

To date, more than 300 alumni have signed up for the program. They encompass every business major, include both recent graduates and those at the executive level, and are located all across the country. Business students from every academic major, from freshmen through seniors, are eligible to contact our alumni mentors.

Mentoring Guidelines

One of the first things to remember when initiating a mentoring relationship is that it is, in fact, a relationship, not a transaction. A mentor is there to help an individual grow and assist with his or her transition from life as a student to life as a young professional. 

The Pitt Business Career Development Office has teamed up with Alumni Relations to put together protocols for the mentor/mentee relationship. By entering into this program, students are agreeing they will take this relationship-building process seriously and to make every effort to stay in touch with their alumni mentor. We place tremendous value in these relationships and will ensure students are approaching the program with the same sense of importance. Remember, these relationships may start for you as a student, but with maintained effort and the right connections, they can continue throughout your career and provide continued support for both student and mentor.


If you are a student and have questions about the Pitt Business Mentoring program, please contact the Career Development Office at