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Mission Statement

The mission of the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business and College of Business Administration is to produce knowledge through research on issues relevant to business and society; prepare students to create business value through thought leadership and practice; and promote global dialogue on economic and entrepreneurial activities that improve society.

We will achieve our mission by maintaining a stimulating environment that honors the following core values:

  • Candor and Transparency, which ensure effective communication
  • Initiative, which empowers us to take action and perform to the highest standards
  • Integrity, which will be demonstrated in our actions and decisions
  • Collaboration and Compassion, which emphasize respect and sharing, and magnify our teamwork
  • Innovation, which allows us to envision the future and drive change; an
  • Continuous Improvement, which will be woven into the fabric of what we do.

We will measure and manage performance of our mission by examining:

  • Research, teaching, and other results relative to competing business schools;
  • Faculty achievements and awards in business and the disciplines;
  • Student satisfaction with our teaching, processes, and activities;
  • Student achievement in case competitions, professional certification exams, and the development of professional and entrepreneurial experiences;
  • Our success in generating resources;
  • Faculty, staff, and alumni satisfaction with our progress;
  • Our creation of global experiences and opportunities for students, faculty, and others;
  • Our impact in the region and local business community;
  • The outcome of key business school ranking surveys;
  • Recruiter satisfaction; and
  • Our graduates’ success in securing employment or admission to graduate school.


Our aspiration is to be a recognized global leader in the creation and sharing of business knowledge and skills that generate lasting societal value.