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University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration, Pitt Business

Prospective Freshmen

As a student at Pitt Business, you will travel from the classroom, to the city, to the world. We have an acclaimed faculty and offer a wealth of experience-based learning opportunities such as internships and class projects with real companies. For those with global aspirations, you can gain life-changing experience through our Global Business Institute, International Internship Program, and study abroad options in more than 75 countries.

Pitt Business enrolls approximately 300 freshmen each year. To apply, students should select one of the major options in the College of Business Administration on their University of Pittsburgh admissions application.

Preparing for Admission to Pitt Business

Factors considered for admission include your high-school grades, class rank, ACT/SAT scores, the competitiveness of your high school curriculum, and extras like involvement and leadership experience.

To increase your chances of admission, the following are recommended:

  • A rigorous college-prep high school curriculum
    • Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and college-in-high-school classes are recommended
  • Four years of high school math
    • Including a challenging senior-year math course such as calculus, pre-calculus, or trigonometry
  • At least three years of high school coursework in the same foreign language
    • This will fulfill the Pitt Business foreign language requirement
  • Take the SAT or ACT more than once. We recommend that you test once in the junior year and once early in the senior year. We combine your highest critical reading and math sub scores from all tests submitted
  • Extracurricular Activities. Because strong leadership skills are important for success in business, you may also want to include information on your application about your activities, part-time jobs, volunteer work, and travel experiences
  • Short Answer Questions and Letters of Recommendation. We strongly encourage you to answer the series of optional short answer questions on the Pitt application. Your answers may increase the likelihood that you are considered for scholarships, guaranteed admission to graduate or professional school, or given special consideration due to extenuating circumstances. While we appreciate your teachers, counselors, and other mentors taking the time to write recommendation letters on your behalf, we find letters are beneficial in very limited circumstances (for example: providing context for variance in your overall academic performance). We recommend that you submit responses to the Short Answer Questions and use that space to explain or clarify what most recommenders would cover in a letter.

Application Deadlines

Admission to Pitt is handled on a rolling basis, which means that there is not a specific application deadline by when to apply. Applicants are considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications are accepted for any of Pitt's three academic semesters: fall (August), spring (January), and summer (May), although the majority of freshmen enroll for the fall semester. 

Next Steps

  1. Read these tips on the application process
  2. Visit Campus
  3. Apply for Admission