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University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration, Pitt Business


Pitt Business students are able to complement their major with a certificate. Where the major demonstrates a student's mastery of skill and knowledge in the discipline, the certificate adds another area of expertise that increases their marketabililty to employers.

Pitt Business Certificates

Certificate Program in Business Analytics (CPBA) 

The Certificate Program in Business Analytics is designed to give students a strong foundation in the theory, processes, and tools of business analytics in the organizational setting. The CPBA will help students to understand both the statistical and managerial sides of business analytics so that students can add value to organizations of all sizes and types.

Certificate Program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CPIE)

The Certificate Program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CPIE) is a unique opportunity for Pitt Business students who wish to explore the interface between innovation and entrepreneurship as an enhancement to their business major. The CPIE will contribute to a student’s preparation for an entrepreneurial endeavor or a career within an organization committed to innovation and entrepreneurial thinking.

Certificate Program in International Business (CPIB)

This certificate offers a special opportunity to Pitt Business students with a strong interest in the global business. Students pursuing the CPIB will be particularly attractive to employers who value students with international interests, perspective, knowledge, and experience.

Certificate Program in Leadership and Ethics (CPLE)

This certificate is the major intellectual and curricular initiative of the David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership. Students gain hands-on experience in issues of ethics and leadership, both as they relate to businesses and nonprofit organizations, by completing projects inside the classroom and for external clients.

Undergraduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management (CSCM)

The Undergraduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management (CSCM) teaches Pitt Business students the important concepts in supply chain management that are necessary to help companies build a competitive infrastructure and create net value. Additionally, students develop the managerial skills highly valued in the corporate environment.  

Other Certificates Available to Pitt Business Students

Pitt Business students can also complement their business major with minors and certificates outside of the College of Business Administration.

Examples of University Center for International Studies Certificates that pair well with a business major include:

Other Pitt certificates from the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences that combine well with a business major include:

  • Community Health Assessment

  • Corporate and Community Relations

  • Digital Media 

  • Managing Health Services

  • National Preparedness and Homeland Security

  • Nonprofit Management

  • Public and Professional Writing

View the full range of options. 


Watch our webinar on the diverse academic combinations offered at Pitt Business, including testimonials from students on their experiences in obtaining multiple certifications or degrees at Pitt.

Read Student Testimonials About Their Combined Programs and Benefits

“My combination of academic programs has been attractive to companies. During interviews, I have a wide range of experiences to speak about.”

Erin Loftus ’16
Supply Chain Management and Business Information Systems
Certificate Program in Leadership and Ethics
Certificate Program in International Business
French minor

“I love being able to pursue a history major along with accounting. Through history, I have gained perspective on diverse cultures around the world. This will benefit my business career and will help me lead a more interesting life.”

Marissa Diehl ‘15
Double Degree in Accounting and History

“My double degree program always sets me apart. It’s a conversation starter. People are interested in learning more about my combination of marketing and art history. It has been very helpful in obtaining internships.”

Sarah Mooiweer ’16
Double Degree in Marketing and History of Art & Architecture
Minor in Museum Studies

“I have been truly challenged and prepared by my double degree program. I feel confident that I can compete at the top levels in business.”

Eleanor Lloyd ‘15
Double Degree in Finance and Economics-Mathematics

“My performance background has been helpful for business. I am able to contribute creativity, presentation skills, team skills, and an open attitude towards new ideas.”

Claire Sabatine ’16
Marketing Major Minor in Theatre Arts

“My political science major helped me land my internship in public finance. Because I would be working with local governments and municipalities, it was a perfect fit.”

Austin O’Keane ’15
Double Degree in Finance and Political Science

“I have appreciated my opportunity to combine marketing, communications, and international business. I am able to study what I love while pursuing a program that opens doors after graduation.”

Clare Thompson ‘16
Marketing Major Certificate in Communication
Certificate Program in International Business

“I believe that my science background will provide an edge in the business world. Many companies focus on science and technology. Having the background to understand these companies and their products will be an advantage.”

Timothy O’Brien ‘15
Double Degree in Biological Sciences and Finance

Getting Started

Pitt Business offers dedicated, personalized academic advising and career services. Your academic advisor will help you identify and plan for your academic program. Our career services team will help you develop a career plan, obtain professional skills, and market yourself successfully.