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Pitt Business Graduate Success Stories

Pitt Business graduates are ready to make a positive impact from the moment they join a company. Congratulations to our newest alumni, and best wishes as you begin your careers!

Kristine Aprile

Kristine Aprile, Corporate Management Trainee, The Kraft Heinz Company

Kristine Aprile says AKPsi, a co-ed professional business fraternity, helped to strengthen her interview, resume writing, public speaking, and networking skills. Through her classes, she has learned to work in collaborative teams, how to be a leader, and how to problem solve, which helped her to grow and learn more about herself and her potential as a business student and a professional.

As a Corporate Management Trainee for The Kraft Heinz Company, Kristine will be rotating for six months around Kraft Heinz’s corporate departments. She will spend time working in HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, and Food Service, and will be evaluated throughout the process in order to be placed in a permanent role. 

Margaret Bien

Margaret Bien, Operations Leadership Development Program, Lockheed Martin

Margaret says Pitt Business faculty are the driving force behind the program’s growth and continuous improvement initiatives. 

“Through the new programs, events, and organizations, I had the opportunity to practice and develop essential skills such as generating innovation solutions, leading cross-functional teams, and ethical decision making.”


Margaret will join the Operations Leadership Development Program at Lockheed Martin. In this three-year program, she will gain exposure to manufacturing, engineering, material management, quality control, supply chain, and operations. 

Kimberly Bizal

Kimberly Bizal, Staff Underwriter, UPMC Health Plan

“Pitt Business truly helped me prepare for my future career. All the required management courses helped me better understand the business world and classes like BusComm prepared me for making presentations. Lastly, Pitt Business offered so many networking opportunities and mock interviews, which give Pitt students an advantage when it comes down to the real interviews.”

As Staff Underwriter for UPMC Health Plan, Kimberly will serve as a resource for pricing and risk analysis expertise, monitor regulatory changes, and assess the financial impact of various Health Plan initiatives.

Benjamin Burkhardt

Benjamin Burkhardt, Category Development Manager, Procter & Gamble

Benjamin says he chose Pitt Business because of its expansive professional network in and around the Pittsburgh area. Benjamin will begin his career at Procter & Gamble as a Category Development Manager, where he will develop and lead joint business plans and go-to-market strategies.


Laura Colaprete

Laura Colaprete, Assistant Merchant Teammate

“Through resources such as the career fair, access to internship postings specifically for Pitt Business students, and exclusive on campus recruiting events, Pitt Business presented me with endless opportunities to gain experience and build a network. Through workshops, meetings with my advisor, Michael McDermott, and key classes such as Business Communications, Negotiations in Business, and HR Staffing, Pitt Business instilled in me key skills to ensure I was prepared for any of these opportunities that came my way.”

Laura will begin her career as Assistant Merchant Teammate at American Eagle Outfitters, where she will spend four months learning all of the tools necessary to become an Assistant Merchant for AEO.

Kevin Collins

Kevin Collins, Financial Management Rotational Program, UPMC

“My first internship was working in the Dean’s Office at Pitt Business. Getting that first professional experience and working with Jody Federer that summer helped me to prepare for future internships and ultimately the beginnings of a career at UPMC.”

Kevin will join UPMC’s Financial Management Rotational Program, where he will work for four different teams over two years to learn about the healthcare industry and develop his finance skills before ultimately being placed in a final position.

Emilio Cordero

Emilio Cordero, Analyst, Accenture

“Pitt Business has done a tremendous job of giving me an overall experience in business, and I believe the curriculum and different classes that I have taken have given me a well-rounded characteristic that is essential to succeed in consulting. To this day, the greatest lesson I learned at Pitt was with my advisor Michael Kijowski, who helped me understand what it took to prepare for an interview. I will always be thankful for him because of that, and I highly recommend students to arrange a mock interview with him!”

Emilio will join Accenture as a full time analyst in their management consulting practice.

Miya Dotson

Miya Dotson, Junior Financial Analyst, Finance Rotational Program, Nordstrom, Inc.

“I chose Pitt Business because I wanted a diversified and challenging curriculum that would provide a bridge to real-world business application. Pitt Business prepared me for my career through the relationships I developed with my upper-level course professors. There is no one whom I would have rather learned from, and I feel extremely fortunate.”

Miya Dotson says she landed her position as Junior Financial Analyst in the Finance Rotational Program at Nordstrom Inc. through professional networking and by gaining experience in the retail industry. Congratulations, Miya!

Zakariyya Elarbi

Zakariyya Elarbi, Technology Early Career Development Program, Cigna

Zakariyaa credits his success at Pitt Business to two professors:

“First, Jay Sukits for getting me out of my comfort zone and shedding my ‘fear’ of taking risks in the classroom, and providing me with his valuable insight to put me on track to jump into the workplace and succeed in life. Second, Bill Lekse’s expansive knowledge in the business world translated really well to his class, and with this knowledge I feel I was able to translate this thinking to my internship experiences.”

Lauren Gilespie

Lauren Gillespie, Buyer, PAE

Lauren says networking was huge in helping her to land her job with PAE. After she applied for the Buyer position, she contacted the Pitt Business Career Services team, who put her in touch with a PAE recruiter. The recruiter helped her to prepare for her interview.

“Pitt Business provided me with experience-based learning opportunities through the Certificate Program in Leadership and Ethics to help develop my project management, teamwork, and leadership skills. I have been able to work on projects that make an impact at Pitt, in the Pittsburgh community, and across our nation. I am prepared to work for a company that operates globally and helps serve our country through various government missions.”

As a Buyer for PAE, Lauren will be reviewing purchase requisitions, prepare RFQs, analyze cost and other statistical data, manage customer relations, and work on projects with teams across the company.

Dustin Herbert

Dustin Herbert, Valuation Analyst, Duff & Phelps

“My professors and advisor, Mike Kijowski, played the biggest roles in preparing me for my career. Mike was always a source of encouragement. During my internship at Duff & Phelps, I felt that I was leaps and bounds ahead of fellow interns because of my courses and professors at Pitt Business. I will be proud to be a Pitt Business alum!”

As Valuation Analyst at Duff & Phelps, Dustin Herbert will be responsible for drafting client-facing reports explaining the company’s processes and findings, among other responsibilities. Congratulations, Dustin!

Alexander Kail

Alexander Kail, Operations Team Leader, Amazon

Alexander Kail says he had numerous professors at Pitt Business who helped to prepare him for interviews and ultimately his career.

As operations team leader for Amazon, Alexander will manage part time employees and oversee an area of an Amazon Distribution Center. Congratulations, Alexander!


Violet Lawson

Violet Lawson, 2nd Lieutenant, United States Army

Violet Lawson says she chose Pitt Business because she wanted to major in Human Resources. She was president of the Human Resources Club and was a member of the University of Pittsburgh Army ROTC program.

As 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, Violet will join the Adjutant General Branch, which primarily serves the HR/Personnel function within the Army. Congratulations, Violet!


Stephanie Layton

Stephanie Layton, Development Program Analyst, Internal Audit Line of Business, PNC Bank

Stephanie will join the Internal Audit Line of Business at PNC as a Development Program Analyst. She will analyze financial data controls, operational controls, and procedures to ensure compliance, and assess vulnerabilities and provide recommendations and options. 


Erin Loftus

Erin Loftus, Business Career Foundations Rotational Program, The Boeing Company

“Pitt Business gave me the confidence to take on challenges that may seem impossible. Through experience-based learning and the support of faculty, I had the opportunity to make a true impact on organizations. The University proved to me how much I am capable of.”

Erin Loftus will begin her career at The Boeing Company in its Business Career Foundations Rotational Program in Huntington Beach, Calif. Her responsibilities will vary during her first two years and she will be a member of six different departments for four-month rotations. During this time, she will also work with peers in the program on philanthropic initiatives. Congratulations, Erin!

Jenna McGeehan

Jenna McGeehan, Audit Associate, KPMG

“Both of my parents are active alumni from the University of Pittsburgh so I was born and raised with Pitt Pride. I always knew that business was the field that I wanted to get into and it helped to know how highly Pitt Business was ranked relative to other schools. The amount of professional development opportunities that Pitt Business offered was really what finally sold me. Between the relationship they have with recruiters and local businesses to the workshops or resources they have for you to take advantage of, my decision was made very easy.”

Following graduation, Jenna will join KPMG as an Audit Associate, where she will perform audit procedures over areas such as sales and inventory for multiple industries in the Pittsburgh area.

Kevin Murray

Kevin Murray, Operations Team Leader, Amazon

“Pitt Business has allowed me to grow into the successful graduate that I am today through numerous services and specialties that they offer. I was surrounded by distinguished faculty and peers, as well as one of the most dedicated career services departments and advisors/mentors. All of these resources allowed me to develop my soft skills (through networking, mock interviews, and public speaking opportunities) as well as develop a rigorous academic skill set.”

Following graduation, Kevin will join Amazon as an Operations Team Leader. He will be responsible for overseeing a team of employees and ensuring the team’s safety and efficiency.

Matthew Reilly

Matthew Reilly, Account Manager, Gartner

Matthew says that after a few phone screenings with Gartner, he utilized the Pitt alumni network and discovered that an alumnus of The Pitt News, where he is currently serving as the Business Manager, works for Gartner in Chicago.

As Account Manager, he will broker deals and relationships between companies that have technological needs with companies that support those needs.


Taylor Resnick

Taylor Resnick, District Manager, ALDI

Taylor says that the core curriculum at Pitt Business gave her exposure to areas of business in which she didn’t know she was interested.

“I got my internship with Aldi by meeting employees and having lunch with the VP at the Pitt Business Career Fair. With opportunities like that, Pitt Business really did help prepare me for my career.”

Taylor will join Aldi as a District Manager. She will have responsibilities in HR, auditing, and managing multiple Aldi stores.

Adita Shah

Aditi Shah, Commercial Banker Development Program, Citizens Commercial Banking

Aditi says that by using the professional development resources at Pitt Business and by participating in the Certificate Program in Leadership and Ethics, she improved her interview and presentation skills and felt prepared to begin her professional career upon graduation.

Aditi will join the Commercial Banker Development Program at Citizens Commercial Banking. For 12 months, she will master the challenging accounting, finance, and credit analysis curriculum, then complete two rotations that will give her hands on experience in different business lines.

Wesley Shi

Wesley Shi, C&IB Analyst, PNC Bank

Wesley says Pitt Business provided him with scenarios to practice critical thinking, analytical skills, and communication skills, which are necessary to succeed after graduation.

Wesley will join PNC Bank as a C&IB Analyst, where he will be responsible for underwriting loans and managing relationships with corporate clients.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Andrew Shymchyk

Andrew Shymchyk, Operations Team Leader, Amazon

Andrew says he chose Pitt Business because of its academic programs, outside-the-classroom learning opportunities, study abroad programs, and networking opportunities.

Andrew will join Amazon as an Operations Team Leader. He will lead a team of Amazon Associates, develop performance goals and objectives, and support all safety programs and OSHA compliance to ensure a safe work environment for all Associates.

Jessica Snyder

Jessica Snyder, Process Consultant, Protiviti

Jessica says she landed her job as Process Consultant at Protiviti through networking with alumni of Phi Beta Lambda. She took an active role in Phi Beta Lambda, and served as the Berg Cup Case Study Competition Student Leader and as a Pitt Business Student Ambassador.

“Pitt Business has prepared me for my future career by developing my professional portfolio. Many businesses like to see that students are heavily involved in leadership opportunities outside of their coursework, and I have been able to take advantage of multiple leadership positions both inside and outside of the business school. Holding these positions has given me the confidence in what I can achieve.”

Sierra Welsh

Sierra Welsh, Audit Assistant, Deloitte

“Pitt Business has prepared me for my career in more ways than I can possibly count. My academic preparation is a direct result of the extreme levels of dedication shown by both the faculty of Pitt Business and the staff in Advising and Career Services. Pitt Business does an awesome job of finding opportunities to put your academic preparation to use through student organizations, networking events, internship and career opportunities, and international work and study opportunities. Through my experience in organizations such as Phi Beta Lambda and my various study abroad experiences, I developed the leadership skills necessary to be successful in my internship at Deloitte and ultimately land a full time job offer.

Sierra will begin her career as an Audit Assistant at Deloitte in San Diego, California. She will perform reviews of audit documents and tests of internal controls, identify accounting and auditing issues, and perform research to solve those issues.

Elissa Wollins

Elissa Wollins, Audit Associate, EisnerAmper

Elissa says she started her career at Pitt as a chemistry major and took a few business classes to broaden her education. She soon realized that she enjoyed accounting more than her intended concentration and has been at Pitt Business ever since.

Elissa will join EisnerAmper as an Audit Associate.  In this role, she will review client accounting and operating procedures and systems of internal control and conduct audit testing.