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International Ambassador Program

The Pitt Business International Programs Office offers a year-long ambassador program for students who are interested in sharing their international experience with peers, learning about study abroad as an industry, and gaining professional experience in the workplace.

As an International Programs Ambassador, you will work for a full academic year in the Pitt Business Tafel Center for Student Success in Sennott Square. Your roles will include serving as a peer-to-peer advisor, manager of database material, and pioneer to an array of challenging special projects.

Your duties as an ambassador will be focused on one of the areas of specialization listed immediately below.

Select One Area of Specialization

  • Marketing Ambassador
    As a Marketing Ambassador, your key duties will pertain to the marketing, advertising, and promotions of Pitt Business Study Abroad programs and activities. In the past, this has included designing promotional materials, planning and hosting the annual Study Abroad Fair, and planning various other networking events.
  • Special Projects Ambassadors
    Special Projects Ambassadors are charged with spearheading a number of creative projects.  These projects may last the duration of the ambassadorship. Special projects often involve extensive research, the presentation of proposals, and the careful implementation of your proposed project.
  • Peer Advising Ambassador
    As a Peer Advising Ambassador, your duties will focus on advising prospective applicants through the application process. The role requires offering sound advice. This can be accomplished by sharing your own personal experiences and explaining our different program options. You are also required to have a thorough understanding of the application portal and program details.

International Program Ambassador Requirements

  • Previous Study Abroad Experience
  • 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors in any Pitt Business major
  • University of Pittsburgh, Oakland campus student
  • Ability to devote 10 hours weekly

Skills Required:

  • Detail-oriented
  • Ability to work independently on projects in consultation with a supervisor
  • Application of strong writing and oral communication skills
  • Strong research skills


All Ambassadors are vital members of the Pitt Business International Programs team and contribute largely to the daily operations of the office. All ambassadors must actively contribute to the following responsibilities.

  • Daily Contributions
    Ambassadors will be responsible for processing important documents handed in by students, obtaining a basic understanding of the Terra Dotta application system and for completing any other necessary tasks given to them by various members of the International Programs team.
  • Special Projects
    You will be given large projects to work on throughout the duration of the ambassadorship. These projects often involve researching a topic(s), writing a proposal, presenting said proposal, and implementing the plan. Projects range in topic and can involve stakeholders across campus.
  • Peer Advising
    Ambassadors will work directly with students to help them achieve their study abroad goals by sharing personal experiences, explaining our different program options and aiding them throughout the application process.
  • Presenting and Networking at Special Events
    Ambassadors will present to different Pitt Business classes, represent the Study Abroad team at special events, and participate in other various networking events. At special events, ambassadors are required to contribute to Pitt Business social media. Ambassadors document the special event with photos, and post them to various social media accounts (including Twitter and Instagram), using “#pittbusiness” to tag each photo.

Compensation and Application Instructions

Ambassadors commit to working 10 hours per week at a rate of $9 per hour. This amounts to a compensation of $1,260 per semester. 

Our ambassadors are given the rewarding opportunity of helping others to achieve meaningful, and perhaps life-changing, study abroad experiences. We look for applicants who are passionate and excited about study abroad.