Pitt Business International Programs

Please begin searching for programs or set up an appointment with a member of the Pitt Business International Programs team. The team member will be able to provide an overview of options, prices, and scholarships. Please visit abroad.pitt.edu for more details about all programs.

Global Business Institute

At the Global Business Institute (GBI), students are able to study and practice business at one of our global Pitt campuses. In addition to each GBI location being tailored to a specific academic major, all GBI locations offer students the option to take part in an international internship, which provides real-time work experience in a global setting. Students can participate in GBI through one of our five locations: Buenos Aires, Florence, London, Shanghai, and Sydney. View the GBI Program page.

International Internship Program

The International Internship Program (IIP) offers Pitt Business students the opportunity to intern full-time during an entire summer abroad. IIP is offered in the following locations: Berlin, Dublin, Madrid, Mumbai, Paris, Prague, and San Francisco. Most locations offer internships in English and interning abroad through IIP will give you a clear competitive edge in today’s job market. See the IIP webpage for location-specific details, including dates and applicant requirements. View the IIP Program page.

Plus3 Program

Plus3 is your first chance to study abroad at Pitt. This two-week, three-credit study abroad program is for freshman Pitt Business and Swanson School of Engineering students. Students have the opportunity to travel to one of five different countries, each with a different industry of focus. Visit the website to see this year’s locations and industries. View the Plus3 Program page.

Spring Break Programs

A variety of short-term, spring break study abroad programs are available for students who do not wish to, or unable to, spend a full term abroad.

International Marketing Ecuador

With our International Marketing in Ecuador study abroad program, students embark on an entrepreneurial adventure in the Napo region of Ecuador. This program takes place during Spring Break, for one week. Participants on the International Marketing in Ecuador program will earn one credit through BUSMKT 1511: Marketing ‘Made in Ecuador’ to the World. View the International Marketing Equador page.


With INNOVATE, students explore the relationship between technology, globalization, and leadership in the global marketplace through corporate site visits, guest lectures, and cultural site visits. Participants will take a spring-long course on Pitt’s campus and then will spend five days in Shanghai and five days in Beijing over spring break. View the Innovate program page.

Summer Programs


Pitt in Prague and Krakow

Pitt in Prague and Krakow is a summer program throughout the month of May, focused on the history, politics, sociology, economics, and culture of the post-war Czech Republic and Poland. Participants will earn 3 Pitt credits towards ECON 0905: Czech Republic & Poland: Economy, Policy, and Culture.

Pitt in South Africa

Pitt in South Africa is a summer program lasting roughly a month beginning in the first week of May. Participants get to experience first-hand the history, educational system, and social entrepreneurship efforts of South Africa. Students choose two of the three offered courses.

Global Supply Networks and Manufacturing: Uruguay

This program extends through the month of May, in which participants will gain 3 credits. Students live in Montevideo, gaining a theoretical understanding of the supply chain process in Latin America. Students will also acquire a first-hand understanding of the national issues facing businesses in Uruguay.

Plus3 Transfer: Ireland

Plus3 Transfer: Ireland is the perfect opportunity for Pitt Business Transfer students who did not have the opportunity to attend Plus3. This two-week, 3-credit experience allows you to gain a firsthand glimpse of globalization through industry-specific company tours, Q&A sessions with executives, and academic lectures that provide cultural and political perspective. Visit the website to learn more and apply.

Other Summer Months

Pitt in Dublin

Pitt in Dublin is a four-week summer program in which students earn six Pitt credits. Academic focuses for the Pitt in Dublin program include the following: Business, Marketing, Communication, History, and Urban Studies.

Pitt in Japan

Pitt in Japan is a five-week summer program located in Kobe, Japan. Participants will earn six credits. In addition to the mandatory “Japanese Language and Culture” course, students take “Doing Business in Japan” to gain a better understanding of the Japenese business culture and environment.


Pitt Business students may participate in a full semester abroad at one of our various Exchange or Partner institutions. The University of Pittsburgh currently has dozens of institutions that you are eligible to apply for. Below you will find a listing of our exchange partners, and a general listing of the business courses they offer. Class availability is limited.


University of Adelaide: Business, Accounting, Finance, Marketing


Vienna University of Economics and Business: Business, Accounting, Business Information Systems, Finance, Global Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Supply Chain Management


KEDGE: Finance, Marketing, Management, Accounting, Human Resources

NEOMA Business School: Business, Accounting, Business Information Systems, Finance, Global Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Supply Chain Management


Berlin School of Economics and Law: Accounting, Business Information Systems, Finance, Global Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Supply Chain Management

European Business School: Finance, Marketing, Management, Operations, Management & Economics

UAS7 Exchange: Study & Internship Program in Germany: Marketing, Human Resources, Economics

Hong Kong

Chinese University of Hong Kong: Business, Accounting, Finance, Global Management, Human Resources, Marketing

University of Hong Kong: Business, Accounting, Finance, Global Management, Marketing


Ritsumeikan University in Osaka: Business, Accounting, Business Information Systems, Finance, Global Management, Human Resources, Marketing

University of Kitakyushu: Business, Economics


Universitat Pompeu Fabra: Business, Accounting, Business Information Systems, Finance, Global Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Supply Chain Management

South Korea

Korea University: Business, Accounting, Finance, Marketing

Seoul National University: Accounting, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing

Yonsei University: Business, Accounting, Finance, Marketing


National Taiwan University: Business, Accounting, Business Information Systems, Finance, Global Management

United Kingdom

Aberystwyth University: Accounting and Finance, Business Management, Economics, Marketing

University of Sheffield: Business, Business Management, Accounting, Finance

University of Sussex: Business, Accounting, Finance, Marketing

University of Birmingham: Business, Global Management, Marketing

University of Exeter: Business, Accounting, Management, Finance

Honors Programs

Pitt Business honors students have the opportunity to complete global experiences that fulfill the requirements of their honors track. Additionally, they have access to unique experiences available only to honors students.

Woodcock Global Honors Fellowship

This international honors experience, exclusive for honors students accepted into the Woodcock Global Fellows program, provides an early global experience PRIOR to the start of their first semester on campus. The program is four weeks in length: two in Pittsburgh and two in Dublin, Ireland. Students will earn 4- academic credits by completing an honors-enhanced, core business course: Managing Complex Environments (MCE) + Honors, while exploring globalization through the technology and innovation industries in Dublin. Learn more about the Woodcock Honors Fellowship.


Pitt Business Honors Program students have the opportunity to complete a wide array of study abroad programs that are specific to their professional goals and intellectual pursuit. Honors students are encouraged to consider participation in an exchange program, as these options require independence and offer world-class business courses at partner institutions around the world. To learn more about exchanges, please see the section above.

International Internship Program

Participation in the International Internship Program gives Pitt Honors Program students the opportunity to secure competitive internships abroad. We encourage Honors students to consider the International Internship Program because it requires a committed and hard-working spirit that is embodied in Honors program students. Learn more about the International Internship Program.