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Pitt Business Climbs to Top 25 in U.S. News & World Report

Pitt Business is ranked No. 24 among U.S. public institutions and No. 39 among all U.S. institutions in the newly released 2014 rankings of undergraduate business schools by U.S. News & World Report.

Pitt Business improved from its 2013 position of No. 27 among U.S. public institutions and No. 47 among all U.S. institutions. The year-to-year change in the U.S. News & World Report rankings was among the largest improvements of any school.

At No. 39 overall, Pitt Business was tied with Boston University, William & Mary, University of California-Irvine, University of South Carolina, and Virginia Tech.

Pitt Business Associate Dean Audrey J. Murrell attributed Pitt’s progress to its strong academic programs, its linkages to the Pittsburgh business community, and its innovative enhancements to traditional study abroad programs.

“At Pitt Business, we’ve long done an excellent job at preparing students for leadership roles in global business,” Murrell says. “But to take this approach to the next level, we’ve developed a more holistic educational strategy that ties it all together. The result is our new mission, which is to take students on a journey from the classroom, to the city, to the world.”

Murrell says Pitt Business has initiated a number of new programs to bring this mission to life.

In the classroom, for example, students now have the opportunity to complete a Pitt Business Honors program. The nine-credit program consists of honors-specific courses and an experience-based learning capstone in which students choose between a research project, extracurricular project, or global experience.

“We’ve strengthened the freshman experience in a number of ways,” Murrell says. “We added a newly renovated freshman-only Living Learning Community in the Bruce Hall dormitory and a business-specific outside-of-the-classroom curriculum.”

In the city, students now have the opportunity to complete Panther Projects. For years, Pitt Business students have completed hands-on consulting projects in marketing, human resources, and other areas for Pittsburgh organizations. With Panther Projects, students will complete a range of projects of a multi-year period for the same organization. In the fall projects are planned with Pittsburgh public schools and the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

“We’re immersing students in embedded learning via projects with Pittsburgh companies, global case studies, and entrepreneurial competitions. This allows our students to be better prepared for their internship or first job—and make an immediate impact in those roles,” Murrell says.

In the world, students will now be able to participate in the school’s Global Business Institute (GBI). The GBI, which is a partnership with CAPA International Education, lets students take business classes at five international anchor locations: London, Sydney, Florence, Shanghai, and Buenos Aires. What’s different compared to traditional study abroad is that each location is equipped so that students can take business courses, taught by Pitt Business faculty, and work toward earning their Certificate in International Business. Additionally, students can complete international internships while taking their classes.

“We’ve enhanced the global program offerings to allow students to integrate their academic, professional development, and work experience while gaining exposure to global cultures, business practices, systems and supply chains,” Murrell says.